Old – A Touch of Elegance Event Planning

Banquet-1-300x168We are a party planning service and we have not only understand all the elements of the business, but we also enjoy helping our clients make the most memorable party their friends talk about for years!
A true story: We had an event at Friendship Park Conservatory for a Dentist who, instead of paying the big price of advertising…did an evening out with his patiences. The theme set up of black, white, silver and a touch of reds made it an elegant event. The beautiful theme table display truly made the food more appetizing. Rose centerpieces made each table unique and different. The Up lighting provided by AMP DJ Services made the room look remarkable! The staff set up the buffet table, guest tables and tables in the foyer area. In addition the staff kept the tables free of  clutter and dirty dishes and kept the buffet table stocked with food. At the end of the night, the staff cleaned up – leaving nothing for the client to do. In the end, the client had great compliments from his patients and passed them along.

We love what we do, it is always worth the hard work and effort we put into every event to make each and everyone one special!

If you are planning an event such as this, we are Full or Ala Carte Service. Most of all, we take care of all the details because we care about every aspect of your party. Our staff is not only friendly and professional, they work together as a great team to provide you with the highest quality  of service you can ask for!  Visit our Testimonial Page to learn more about our previous clients. We are Full or Ala Carte service.

Denise has truely loved helping our clients with every aspect of the party!  We would love the opportunity to provide you with the best service – please call us for a complimentary quote. Thank you for visiting us today, and please come back for weekly updates!