Denise 2015+Denise Murphy is Owner/President of A Touch of Elegance Event Planning and is certified professional Event Planner/Party Planner, Day of Wedding Planner, Mixologist Bartender,  and Professional Organizer, for A Touch of Elegance Event Planning for over 11 years. She is very creative and will help you get over the stresses of the party. Denise and her team, will take care of all the details about your party, and works within the theme. We enjoy making your event spectacular, one you and your guests will remember forever!

With the help from you, Denise will add the ART to P-ART-Y. Her team is extremely talented with creating a theme which could include the food table and decorate for you with the items you provide or the items we provide. Our team will monitor the entire event making sure no detail is missed.

If you have services before and the servers didn’t even want to be there, our Servers  will give you Service with a Smile! Let us plan your event with A Touch of Elegance!

A comment from Denise:  I have enjoyed working with our clients for the past 11 years!  They are why I enjoy this business so much!  Our caring, friendly helpful staff have worked hard for our clients, and for that, I am forever grateful!

Our services are what people are looking for! It’s nice to know when we leave, that our clients tell us how much they truly enjoyed their party because they stayed out of the kitchen and enjoyed their guests!  I hope You take advantage of our services so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your guests with A Touch of Elegance! Call us about our $120 price!   Looking forward to speaking with you!