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Are you tired of spending more time in the kitchen, refilling drink coolers, food stations or even picking up after guests? Never do any of these again! Hire our waitstaff from A Touch of Elegance Event Planning and let us do all the work. You get to sit back, relax and enjoy your party with A Touch of Elegance. Isn’t it time you enjoy your party after all your hard work to put it together?

You can have a food server at your event starting at $200 for the first 5 hours! Contact us today to book your date with us!

*Please note if you wish for the servers to serve or refill alcoholic beverages, you will be charged the bartender rate as the individual will need to be Basset Certified. If more than 1 server is needed, only one will need to be Basset Certified and the other(s) will be at the regular server rate.*

$200.00 5 hours (starting at)

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